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Thursday, October 2, 2008

WindowsMediaCenter TV Pack 2008 RTM (x86)

Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008 RTM (x86) 
Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008 - presented more recently company Microsoft, it is established on OEM licences since July, 17th, 2008 and it is far not on all sold computers. Will not deprive ourselves delectations - to take advantage of results of long and laborious work Microsoft on creation TV Pack 2008 to Windows Media Center.

"Microsoft has finished testing Fiji - updatings for Windows Media Center, and prepares it for release under name Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008.
Microsoft has informed the testers, that code Fiji is sent on gold on July, 17th: Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008, known under code name Fiji, has reached phases RTM. Data of a feedback from users have appeared invaluable for the given product and the command of developers wishes to thank each of you for given data about errors.
Windows Media Center TV Pack has been let out on July, 16th, 2008. Pay attention, not all computers accessible in retail networks, are on sale with established Windows Media Center TV Pack ".©

"Microsoft Connect wrote:
1. Prepare a machine with clean install of Windows Vista Service Pack 1.
a. The machine will need to meet or exceed the minimum hardware requirements for Windows Vista.
2. The Windows Vista Service Pack 1 operating system must be Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate (x86)
3. Following operating system install, do not launch Windows Media Center or go through Windows Media Center Setup
4. Install Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008
a. Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008 (x86)
b. Install the PlayReady PC Runtime (x86)
5. Install the following patches
a. KB951685 - The video playback application stops responding when you watch video or Live TV on a Windows Vista-based computer
b. KB950754 - Noticeable problems occur in the video when you use the DirectSound renderer on Windows Vista
6. Install any required or recommended Windows Updates
7. Launch Windows Media Center and go through Windows Media Center Setup
All set forth above and concerning installation - is available in archive

Rather than doing a clean install, you can (I believe) do an in place upgrade to get the same result. During install, if you have already configured the SP1 media center, if gives you the option to install anyway with the risk of lost settings and undetectable TV tuners so try it at your own risk.

Note: This is the x86 version only.
Update: The build string for this is "6.1.1000.18273" which is the RTM build according to
Update 2: I installed the TV pack without doing anything to my (decidedly not clean) vista install without any problems, all I had to do was run through the setup for my (usb) TV Tuner again (though I did unplug it before running the setup)".



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