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Monday, August 31, 2009


 Demon ps 2.7 has been welcome by all of my buddies around worldwide.
And that's why the free host which hosted password boxes not only blocked our  username but also deleted our user folder  ,so all database has  been deleted!
In this version we fixed this problem so if you had trouble with BOX don't be  disappointed and come back on upcoming days.
Demon ps v2.7 had no major bug that we try to fix on this new version but on  v2.8 we added the capability to send passwords from Elite chat client. Also  added some new features to password boxes for instance now u can change the  password and search between messages (many consumers requested me this feature)
On this Version you don't need any email to sign up at Box so you can sign up  there at less than 1 minute!
This software has some limitations for free users but these limitations won't  stop you to use this software!
Some limitations for free users are listed below:
·         Messages (passwords) will be kept just for 5 days after delivering  to your box. So by this method messages have just 5 days lifetime and after this  period they will be deleted automatically. Expiration date of each message will  be shown on the table. This will prevent the database to become massive.
·         Free version of this password sender will be updated only 2 weeks  after the release.
People who wish to have this program without these limitations should buy the  software.
The payment method will be announced later.
Update of this program is free for 2 weeks but you can extend it by your  constructive comments and also visits.
What is a password sender?
That's a software which can send all components that the attacker (usually) has  defined in the server. After execution on the victim's computer if that  pre-defined forms are filled they will be sent.
This software is written using ASP & Visual Basic languages.
The former is used to code the password boxes and the latter is used to code and  edit the server. The server of this Trojan will copy itself to several  directories on the victim's computer so the probability of manual deletion by  novice users will be near to Zero!
Main features of this password sender:
·         You can use icons from executable soft wares on your computer .
·         The server size is very few (76 kb)
·         Bypassing any Firewalls and Antiviruses and internet securities ,  Specially it will bypass "Hidden Data Sending Kaspersky Internet Security"
·         Unlike other password senders , this Trojan  is able to send the  victim's password to a personalized page (password Boxes) so is able to bypass  the firewalls.
·         It is unlike other Trojans who send through ftp and will be  blocked by firewalls. On those programs the victim can detect the username ,  password and the attacker's host by using a Sniffer.
·         The program update to cheat Anti viruses. the Trojan will download  an undetected server and will built a new server using that. So it will not need  the "Resourced" server anymore.
Notice that you can not undetect "Edit server" section by using updates.
·         Unlike other Trojans it is impossible to  detect the attackers  identity and you can feel free about it.
·         The main feature of this Trojan is the capability to send all  passwords of internet Explorer. Although this feature is available on some  trojans but they use saved passwords while demon-ps uniquely is different.
·         Sending method of logs is new and modernized so that it has no  problem with ftp emailing and so you can view the logs easily.
·         You can easily update this software so don't need be afraid that  Anti viruses may detect your server file.
·         The created server is able to adapt itself to the victim's browser  ,it is hidden to firewalls and sends passwords easily.
·         The Trojans update is free for 2 weeks after release date but you  can extend it by your comments and visits!
·         We provided a binder inside this software which can bind the  server file with any software , image , etc . it will cause no change on server  including version , icon or something else.
I wish you utilize this software in a correct way like child control,…. I do not  accept any responsibility caused by any misuse of this program.


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