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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Crackers are program that needed to recover password of your Yahoo! account.

How to figure out the password range of so I can make some good password list to crack passwords?

This is the most commonly asked question. The answer to this question is on the next page. Click NEXT PAGE on the botton of this page to read the tutorial on how to guess your password ranger and how to make customize password list.

Now lets start from the beginning about cracking. Before I start saying anything about cracking, I want you to know something about Illegal ID's as many people ask me about illegal ID.

What is an illegal name?

Well before 1999, Yahoo! change there system so that you cannot make names like  ___nigger___ , _nigger, Nigger, NIGGER, -Mr-nigger- , Mr nigger, 1234.nigger, $_nigger_$ , 1337  etc.etc... We are not allowed to make ID's that start with capital letters, numbers or underscores. We are not allowed to make ID's that contain symbols, dots, dashes, spaces etc.etc... These types of names are called Illegal Names because you cannot make them anymore and they are very rare now. So to get these types of names, you need a cracker to crack them. However cracking illegal names is not really easy anymore because all the good illegal names are already taken. So to find illegal names, you will use a name scanner. A name scanner is nothing but a little tool that scan Yahoo's servers for illegal names for you. Thats it. One more thing, if a name have a space on it, then add plus (+) symbol on the space. Example: If the name looks like this-> Mr Nigger, then the name you will put on the list like: Mr+Nigger. However on my cracker, you do not have to worry for a space name as the program itself put the "+" for you.

What is a cracker? Why do we need a one?
A cracker is a program that crack the password of a Yahoo! ID. A Cracker keep sending the passwords again and again where passwords are prompt, to crack the password of the target username. Crackers need password lists, which are use to crack the target Password. Crackers try all the passwords from the password list one by one until the correct password to the username is found. So the most important thing in cracking is a good Password List because passwords are the only thing that let you go inside an ID. That is why you need a cracker to crack the password of the Yahoo ID.

So how can I use a cracker?

Before you start, you need to know something about crackers. There are different types of crackers, two of the most common crackers are NCC crackers and Proxy crackers. NCC Crackers do not need proxies. But sadly NCC cracking is no longer possible anymore. The difference btween NCC's and Proxy Cracker are, NCC's Crackers are better and faster then Proxy Crackers and skip less data because it send the login directly from your computer. Beside now NCC crackers are not possible anymore and the NCC crackers you see now a days will Ban you after few mintues and are very slow too. A proxy cracker use proxy servers to avoid ban from Yahoo. Both NCC and Proxy cracker work the same way except proxy cracker do not send the login directly from your computer. A proxy cracker first connent to a proxy server and if the connection is successfully made, then it will send the login through that proxy and hence you from getting ban from Yahoo because it's the proxy server that get the ban not your computer. Proxies are nothing but some bunch of proxy servers. A proxy server is a kind of buffer between your computer and the Internet resources you are accessing. They accumulate and save files that are most often requested by thousands of Internet users in a special database, called “cache”. Therefore, proxy servers are able to increase the speed of your connection to the Internet. The cache of a proxy server may already contain information you need by the time of your request, making it possible for the proxy to deliver it immediately.

Why do I need proxies for cracking names?

A proxy server hide your IP address and thereby prevent unauthorized access to your computer through the Internet. They do not provide anyone with your IP address and effectively hide any information about you and your computer. Besides that, they don’t even let anyone know that you are surfing through a proxy server. So you need proxies to hide your IP from Yahoo! because Yahoo! will ban your IP after few incorrect login attempt by your cracker. So to avoid getting banned by Yahoo, your cracker need proxy servers.

Where can I get a Proxy List?

There are lots of websites that gives out free Anonymous proxy lists. You can also use a Search engine like GoogleYahoo, Msn or any other search engine to find anonymous HTTP proxies. Here are few sites below from where you can get fresh proxies.

You can also use a proxy leecher or grabber to find proxies. I would recommend you to use a proxy leecher to grab proxies from sites. Once done leeching all your proxies, you will have to test the proxies to get only good working proxies. Use a proxy scanner to see if all the proxies are working or not. Always use more then 20 thousand proxies because most of time Yahoo! ban your Proxies from there servers which results on failure login attempts or in other words, proxies get ban from the servers which results in "Unable to process request at this time -- error 999" in your data return. If all your proxies get banned from Yahoo, then you will only waste your time over nothing. This is why you need thousands of working proxies on your list.

Now you need an name list for your cracker. Well I like to say one thing before I tell you how to grab names for cracking. You cannot just crack one single name because this will lock the name up after few tries and you will get nothing other then wasting your time. You have to start cracking with at least 1000 names. There are lots of programs that let you grab ID's for cracking. Also you can use a illegal generator to make illegal ID list and a room name grabber to grab names from a chat room.

Now you need some good password lists to crack names. A password list is the most important thing in cracking because they are the primary key to the target name. Without a good password list, you can't even crack a single name. Only a good password list will let you crack names.  So you must know the concept of password and how to make them so that your list sure crack the target names. You have to make your own customize password list to crack real users password. We will discuss about how to guess the password range and how to make customize password list in the next page.

Is there is anything else I need to know?

Yes there are few more things that you must know before start cracking. A cracker always depends on your internet speed. So every cracker have a timeout option on it. Well if you lower the timeout option, then faster your proxies will run which could results skip of date. If you're on dial up, then I would recommend you to set your cracker's timeout option to 7000 or higher. If you're on cable or broadband or any high speed internet, then I would recommend you to set your timeout option to 2000-3000 or lower depending on the speed of your internet connection.

What is the Backward and Forward options are for?

There are two types of cracking methods and they are Backward and Forward cracking. All crackers are backward crackers. Forward crackers are very hard to find and also they are really very hard to make. A backward cracker run one password on all the names and after it reach the last name, then it move to the next password. By using backward option, the cracker stop the names from getting locked. Forward option run all passwords on one name untill it reach the end of the name and move to next password. So this is why forward crackers no very hard to make and are very rare.

I see a socket option on the cracker. What is that?

Well the speed of a cracker depends on the number of sockets it's using. This is nothing but multi thread that open the number of sockets you select on the socket option. So if you increase the number of sockets, the more faster your cracker will run because it will open multiple connection, but more chance of skipping data. If you're on dial up, then I would recommend you to set your cracker's Sockets from 5 - 10 depending on the quality of your machine. If you're on cable or broadband, then I would recommend you to set your Sockets from 20 - 60. But for a beginner I would recommend you to set your Sockets to lower (10 - 20 sockets are best). Some crackers lagg your computer when you set it on higher sockets. There can be two reason for lagging. Either your computer harware cannot handle multi thread or some crackers need few minutes to run smothly. Just be patient and give sometime to your cracker till it runs smothly. But if you dont stop lagging, then I guess you need to ugradge your computer's hardware.

What is the Timeout option is for?

The timeout option is for how much time your cracker should wait for respond from Yahoo's server before it move to the next. The more the timeout the more your cracker will run slower.

Why my cracker stop after some moment?

Some crackers wait for the retrun data to arrive before it begain. It is not a problem. Give your cracker sometime and you will see it will again run normal. Different crackers work different ways. The best way is to wait sometime to see if it run again or not. But if it don't run after several minutes, then there is a problem with your cracker and you can try a different cracker.

How can I test a cracker to know whether its working or not?

To find out that your cracker is working, load a bot list and there correct password and run the cracker with good scanned proxies. If it crack any of your test bots or ID's, then the cracker is working fine. If it didn't crack any of your bots, then the cracker is not working. But please make sure your proxies are tested and are working fine.

My cracker was working fine last week but stopped working now. Why?

Well this can be because of two reason. Either your cracker got patched or you have a problem with your winsock. If your winsock is to C:\ Netsh>. Now type Winsock and your promt will change to C:\ Netsh Winsock>. Now just type Reset and hit enter. This is it. This will reset your winsock. Now restart your computer and try again. Normally this should solve the problem. NOTE: Do not type any other command on the DOS prompt.

How can I avoid getting banned from server?

To avoid getting banned, you should use a proxy cracker.

How can I control the speed of my cracker?

You can control the speed of your cracker by decreasing the socket option and increasing the timeout option. If your socket option is at 5 socket, then the cracker will run slower.

How can I reset my Winsock?

Sometime programs stop working if there is a change in winsock settings. In this case you have to reset your winsock. To reset your winsock, you need to goto start menu and click the Run option. On the run window type CMD and hit enter. This will open the MS Dos window. On the Dos command promt, type CD\ and hit enter. Then you will see the root promt like this here C:\>. Now on the room promt type Netsh. Then your root promt will change

Why Yahoo ban me from there servers?

When you run your cracker at high speed, it send data and request for return data faster then Yahoo can respond. That is where the server ban you because Yahoo think your trying to crack the password using third party programs.

How can I stop yahoo from banning the names I am cracking?

The best way to avoid getting your names banned, is to use huge name list. You name list should not be less then 1000 names. You cannot crack one of few names because if you try to crack one single name, then yahoo will think a 3rd party software trying to enter the name by force which is why they ban the name for several hours depending on what type of attempts was made.

So what do I do after my cracker crack names?

Once you crack your account, the thing you will do is CHAGE the Zip Code and the Country to that name. You can change these informations from the Account Info page. Do not bother going through the e-mail>mail option>account information, just click the shortcut link HERE  to jump directly to the account info page. On the account info page, you will see two small EDIT buttons or link. Click on the lower one to change the Zip Code and the Country. You must change the Zip/Postal Code and the Country so that the real user cannot request for a new password from the forget password page. Once you change these infomations, then there is no way to get the name back from you. After that, change the password with a new one. Just click on the shortcut link HERE to change the password or you can change it directly from the account info page. Remember to make your new password harder for anyone to guess.  I would recommend you to make a passwords from two or more unrelated short words along with some numbers.


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