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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


How can someone hack my Yahoo ID?

Well this is a million dollar question that everyone wants to know. But this is something that no one will tell you how it is done. Although there are lots of different ways to hack a yahoo account, but I prefer only 2 because they are clean and don't harm the victim's computer. But there lots of peoples who use Keyloggers, Password Stealers, Trojans etc. to steal your password. But it do more harm then steal your yahoo password. These types of attempts will infect the computer of the victim which result in making the PC unsable unless the victim reinstall windows. So these types of methods I do not prefer nor I will say anything about how it it done. So I will tell you the best two ways that are clean and do no harm to anyone.

So what are the two ways to hack Yahoo accounts?
Umm my first way is to use a cracker because crackers only try directory attack on the terget ID meaning it will try password one by one on the terget ID from the password list untill the it get the correct password. For more info on how to use a cracker, please read the cracking tutorial. So I will not say anything about crackers again since I already have explained everything on that page. So now lets talk about the 2nd way of hacking a yahoo ID. This is a another best way to steal a yahoo password without infecting your victim's computer. Well this is called Phishing or fake login. A fake login page is similar to the login page of yahoo except it will send the username and password of the victim who enter there info on the fake login page thinking that it's yahoo. The main advantage of a fakie attempt is that it can get the password in few minutes. So fakie is lot faster then a cracker because a cracker can take many days. But fakie is not really effective like cracker because now a days many browser detect a fake login and warn your victim. Also there are many peoples who knows about fakes and so you can't steal there passwords. But with cracker if you have the correct password and there is no escape for the victim. In the past I have crack some really hard password of people who are very hard to crack. So if I would have used a fakie then I wouldn't be able to own these peoples. So this is the main disadvantage of using fakie. Fakie is like fishing in a pond. Anyway, a fake login is really very effective to steal the password of noobs or people who don't have much knowledge about computers.

Where can I find a fake login script?
I think there is no working fakies around right now since the old fake login page get disabled. However I have made fakies that are working but only VIP customers can get my fakies.

What to do after I get the fake login script?
You upload then on a free website and send the link to your victims. I have a very nice way to make your victims click on the fake login. All you need is little bit of evil ideas. For security reasons I cannot tell it on public how to make someone click your fakie link and enter there passwords. So I have write it down on the readme file provide with the fakie.


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