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Saturday, September 12, 2009


Electronic Eavesdropping…
Are You An Unsuspecting Victim?

ID Theft is the number one crimeas of this writing.

As the smoke clears from the sudden onslaught of computers and the
Internet, millions of people are suddenly discovering their private
information isn’t as private as they thought it was.

In fact, many law enforcement agencies are learning that electronic
information theft is quickly becoming the nation’s number one way that
crooks are using to get their hands on goods and services with the least
chance of getting caught!

Many successful cyber thieves are finding it extremely easy to scour
someone else’s computer for passwords and credit card numbers from
the comfort of their own homes.

Most of the tools used to spy on other people’s computers are freely
bought and sold over the Internet under the guise of legally sold
hardware and software.

This report will expose the most common and least known ways a
criminal can steal from you, without you suspecting a thing.

Law enforcement just can’t keep up with the cyber tide so consumers
and business owners are now in the precarious position of protecting
themselves or else suffer the consequences.

All of us use computers for filing our taxes, running our companies, and
for purchasing everything from prescriptions to automobiles over the

Most people don’t know how easy it is for anyone with a computer and
Internet access to “electronically” peer over our shoulder, while we
access our bank accounts, trade stocks or chat with our loved ones.

Our goal here is to expose to you the most used tools of the cyber
criminal and show you how to protect yourself.

Good Or Evil?… You Decide

Many companies are marketing the tools below as an easy way to
watch your children’s Internet use or your employees’ use of your
computers, but keep in mind that these products can be used by
criminals just as easily.

If they are designed to be concealed from the computer operator,
they can be used by the bad guys too…
Covert High Tech Tools

• Hardware Keyloggers - what they are and what they look like.

• Computer Recording Software – what it is and how it’s used to
monitor employees, children and maybe even used to spy on you,
along with examples of such products.

• Computer Recording Software Detectors: what you need to be
sure no one is spying on you, including the most popular spy
software detection products.

• Anonymous Browsers: What they are and how they make anyone
who uses them invisible when they surf the Internet, including
some of the top anonymous browser sites on the Internet.
• Electronic File Shredders – What they are and why everyone

should use them, including websites of the top electronic file

Hardware Keyloggers

These types of keyloggers require that the perpetrator have physical
access to your computer. They can easily be installed in less than 5
seconds. They come in the form of USB port connectors, keyboard
connectors and even masquerade as keyboards themselves.

Once installed, a hardware keylogger will capture every keystroke
entered into your keyboard and then store it for future retrieval on the
device itself.

Some hardware keylogger companies boast a two million keystroke
capacity! That’s about 5 years worth of typing for the average computer
user. Whether at home or in the office, you can easily fall victim to this
type of spying. A Hardware Keylogger is installed between your
keyboard and computer

Some hardware keyloggers come in the form of a keyboard, but if you
examine the line going to the computer you can see an irregular bulge as
pictured below. That should make you very suspicious…

They can even come in a USB drive
How do they work?

All hardware keyloggers have to have the following:

• A microcontroller - this interprets the datastream between the
keyboard and computer, processes it, and passes it to the non-
volatile memory
• A non-volatile memory - this stores the recorded data, even when
power is lost

On the whole, typing a special password into a computer text editor
retrieves the recorded data. As the hardware keylogger is plugged in-
between the keyboard and computer, it detects the password has been
typed and then starts presenting the computer with "typed" data to
produce a menu. Beyond text menu some keyloggers offer a high-speed
download to speed up retrieval of stored data, this can be via USB mass-
storage enumeration or with a USB or serial download adapter.

Keylogger Companies

We’ve listed the keylogger companies in order of popularity. This
should give you a good idea what company to deal with should you
decide you have a legitimate use for one of these.


At KeyGhost Ltd we work hard developing our products. KeyGhost Ltd
are the inventors and manufacturers of the KeyGhost Hardware
Keylogger range of products.

You can be sure a product purchased from us or one of our distributors
will work flawlessly in every situation. This is due to the extensive real
world testing that takes place before any product is approved for
release into the market place.


KEYKatcher is a discrete, easy-to-use device which monitors all PC
keyboard activity.

Capture everything typed - including email, instant messaging, chat
room activity and web URLs.

Advantages over software loggers: there's no software to install, it uses
no system resources and it works on all operating systems.

Installs in seconds - simply plugs in-between the keyboard and PC.
Ideal for parents, employers or spouses.

DIY Hardware Keylogger

Simply plugs in-between the keyboard and PC. This company will give
you complete schematics and everything you need to build your own
should you decide you want to try it.

Either way if you decide you need to watch you kids or employees this
could be the answer.
Computer Recording (Spy) Software

Spy Software is by far the most dangerous…and hard to detect of all
computer monitoring type spy products.

There are what some consider legitimate uses for Surveillance Spy

They are to watch a child’s Internet activity, or to monitor employees
while in a work environment, or just to see if anyone is using your
computer when you're not there.

Unfortunately, this type of computer recording software is often used
unethically and even illegally by those who want to steal sensitive or
private information from you, or your business, without ever being
caught, or are just curious as to what you do on your computer for all
those hours.
Companies That Sell Spy Software

There are over 500 companies selling this stuff so needless to say we will
list only the most popular. If you want to find more examples, a Google
search for “Spy Software” will reveal plenty.

At the time of this writing there were over 20 million results in Google
for the term spy software.

That should tell you something of the popularity of this type of software
and may also cause you to wonder if your computer hasn’t possibly
been infected by someone who wants to watch you or steal from you.

Remote Install & Remote Monitoring Available

This company is the absolute ruler in this market space. They’ve been
on the Forbes 500 list of fastest growing companies the last two years in

a row. Their products are virtually undetectable and if you have it on
your computer there’s MAYBE only a couple of spy software detectors
that can tell you if you’re infected.

Remote Spy
Remote Install & Remote Monitoring Available

This software is touted as one of the best undetectable, remotely
installable spy software products on the market today.

My question is why would you need to install spy software on your
computer remotely anyway… unless maybe people are using it on
computers they DON’T have access to… like mine?

Anyway here’s what they say on their website…
Sales Pitch

Spy on Anyone From Anywhere

The most powerful software of it's kind, it's finally here RemoteSpy!
Secretly and covertly monitor and record Pc's without the need of physical
access. Record keystrokes, email, passwords, chats, instant messenger
conversations, websites visited + More in total privacy. Find out the
information you need to know quickly with the most intelligent spy
software available RemoteSpy!

Remote Install & Remote Monitoring Available

Sales Pitch

Do you need to know what your child is doing on the computer? Is your
spouse cheating on you? Do you need to monitor what your employees are
doing during work hours? Is someone tampering with your computer
while you are away?

With Win Spy Software you will know exactly what they are doing.

WinSpy is a Complete Stealth Monitoring Software that can both monitor
your Local PC and Remote PC. WinSpy Software also includes Remote
Install. WinSpy Software will capture anything the user sees or types on
the keyboard. Users will be unaware of its existence. A special hotkey is
used to login and access Win Spy Software. Users are unable to terminate
WinSpy. Users are unable to uninstall WinSpy.

Companies That Sell Spy Software Detectors
Cloak Your Computer

Just in case you think that someone may be using the above spy
software on you, there’s a number of spy software detectors.

Additional examples can be found by searching Google for “Detect
Keyloggers” or “Spy Software Detection”.

Most detectors are generic “spyware detectors” which do a great job of
catching adware/trojans, but catching commercial spy software like the
above is not their strong suit.

Spy software companies make their money being “undetectable” and
this creates a problem for most spyware detection companies because
they mainly focus on easily detectable advertising spyware.

There are a handful that do a good job, but there’s only one company
that is dedicated to specifically detecting commercially available spy
software that we know of. That company is SpyCop.

All the others try to catch everything and as a result they end up
catching only a few of each type of malware.

SpyCop® Spy Software Detector is the only company we know of that is
totally dedicated to detecting commercially available spy software like
the above products. In our tests it caught 99% of every spy software
product including Spectorsoft’s e-Blaster… Every other scanner only
caught up to 50% of the spy software products sold which is ok if you
aren’t concerned about commercially available spy software products
infecting your computer.

McAfee® VirusScan® Plus is essential PC protection. It guards your
computer and files against viruses, spyware and intrusion, stopping
hackers automatically. With McAfee's trusted protection you can surf
the Web and download files safely, confident knowing that McAfee is
always on and always protecting you

Spyware Doctor
Spyware Doctor is a top-rated malware & spyware removal utility that
detects, removes and protects your PC from thousands of potential
spyware, adware, trojans, spybots and tracking threats.

Anonymous Browsers

When we surf the Internet we have to use a browser.

Unfortunately many times the browsers we use can be easily
compromised, tracked back to us, and in some instances spy software
can be downloaded to our computers.

If you ever plan on visiting a website that you aren’t sure if they are
legitimate or not, you can use what’s known as an anonymous browser.

In essence you surf through their servers even though you’re on your
computer. These services act as a buffer between you and the websites
you visit.

That means you are invisible to any website you surf to when you use
one of these services.

Below are the top three in the industry but again you can check Google
for more examples.
Anonymous Browser Services

Free & Paid Surfing Available

Proxify® is a web-based anonymous proxy service which allows anyone
to surf the Web privately and securely. Unlike other proxies, there is no
software to install or complicated instructions to follow. Just enter a
URL (website address) in the form above. Through Proxify, you can use
websites but they cannot uniquely identify or track you. Proxify hides
your IP address and our encrypted connection prevents monitoring of
your network traffic. Once using Proxify, you can surf normally and
forget that it is there, protecting you

Free & Paid Surfing Available

Anonymous surfing with Megaproxy® Web SSL VPN is as easy as 1-2-
3... no software downloads or installations required

Free & Paid Surfing Available

This company used to be number one until they went extremely
commercial and started selling everybody’s products they could make a
dime on. Still they were the first to develop a brand in this industry.

Electronic File Shredders

Last but definitely not least are Electronic File Shredders.

These are software programs that go through your computer and delete
ghost files and Internet tracks you may have left the last time you used
the computer.

The problem is that if you don’t delete these files, someone who has
moderate computer skills can go through your system when you’re not
around and pull all sorts of information from your computer that you
never thought anyone could possibly find.

Many times it’s just stuff you forgot about, like the password to your
bank account which could be logged in your auto fill or maybe a credit
card number you used to purchase that new software online.

Here are the top three electronic file shredders.

Evidence Terminator
Evidence Terminator is the most advanced hard disk cleaner in the
world. Its innovative new scripting engine means it customizes itself for
your system, automatically! Files left behind while you surf the web or
while you use your programs can be removed without you giving it a
second thought.

Evidence Eliminator This is an older product, but a
good one. Here’s some copy from the site:

You are being watched... how about your Boss? Do you surf the Internet
and send E-mail at work? Your work PC will be full of evidence. It is
becoming common in the workplace for companies to copy and
investigate the contents of workers computers out of hours - without
your consent or knowledge.

This is perfectly legal and it is happening now! Your job could be at
risk, what would happen to you if you lost your job? People like you are
losing their jobs right now because of their Internet activities in
America and the Uk

Window Washer

As you work on your computer and browse the Internet, you leave
behind traces of your activity. This information not only takes up
valuable disk space but also jeopardizes your privacy. Window Washer
simply and safely wipes your tracks clean and removes unnecessary files
for complete privacy and improved PC performance.


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