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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rapidshare Hacking - The Expert Way

After searching a lot i found dis amazing thing. its like a proxy browser called can change ur permanent IP to static IP. so jus wen u restart ur browser u will hav new IP... u can also set intervals between changing ur now download mutliple files at d same also has integration of IDM with it..

u have to close this perticular browser than open again and it will start downloading from RAPIDSHARE again no need to disconnect..

google it download n ~cheers~

Easy Way to Delete Rapidshare Cookie

If you logged into Rapidshare with an account that was detected by fraud detection you will need to delete the Rapidshare cookie. You could either:

    * Delete all the cookies, but this will makeyou have to login back into every website that you told the browser to auto login for you.
    * Go through every cookie and find that one rapidshare cookie.


So, here comes this little trick! You could bookmark this link and click it every timeyou need to delete ONLYRapidshare cookie:

3. Use a proxy with SwitchProxy and Firefox:

      1. Download and install Firefox if you have not already
      2. Download and install SwitchProxy
      3. Google for free proxies
      4. When you hit your download limit, clean your cookies and change your proxy

4. Use an anonymous service:

      Running your system through the tor network should in theory work; however, it is difficult to use and setup. Plus, you allow others to run their evil deeds through your system as well by using this systemks.. u need to download Firefox 1.5 for it.. u can get the same by typing "Firefox old apps" in google. begin tor by enabling it on Firefox(right bottom)

      Anonymizer is inexpensive, easy to use, but not free. Other pay services would likely work as well.


The hot new Firefox plug-in takes browser customization to a whole new level by letting users filter site content or change page behaviors.

The glory of open-source software is that it allows anyone with the inclination and the scripting knowledge to get under the hood and hot-rod their computing environment. But most of the time, that advantage is available only to people with the programming skills to make the changes they want. That's where Greasemonkey, a free plug-in for Firefox, comes in -- it simplifies hacking the browser.

Released at the end 2004, Greasemonkey is the latest in a growing arsenal of Firefox customization tools. It changes how Web pages look and act by altering the rendering process. Greasemonkey is to Firefox what aftermarket parts are to cars -- it lets you personalize your browser by making it faster and more powerful or simply by making browsing more aesthetically pleasing. How and why you will use Greasemonkey (and I predict you will, if you don't already) will depend on how you browse now.


1) Install the Greasemonkey extension >>

2) Restart Firefox

3) Go to


4) Right click on rapidshare.user.js and choose "Install User Script".

Run FireFox.
From File Menu click on Open File then brouse to whereever you saved the 'greasemonkey.xpi' plug-in. Open it, wait a couple seconds for the install button becomes active. Click on it to install this plug-in then CLOSE FIREFOX.
Run FireFox again. From the File Menu click on Open File then brouse to whereever you saved the 'rapidshare.user.js'. Open it. Click the Tools Menu then click on Install User Script then click OK.
Close FireFox.

The script will let you enjoy "no wait" and multiple file downloads



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