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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Best Proxy Changer Tool

Best Proxy CHANGER Tool (Totally Anonymous)

Best Proxy Cleaner yeat Designed by Breez :D ( No More Crashing of cracker )

This tool was designed by Breez after weeks of looking around of eather good proxy leecher or good proxy cleaner. I did not find shit so I

desided to learn VB6 and make one my self so here it is my first working project and I think this will be loved by many crackers ( as it will no longer crash your app 100% clean proxys every time and uber fast.... )

No More worry if the cracker will crash, because of bad Proxy's....... Now they Just Get Smoked Enjoy Breez ( Please Report any bugs you might find as this is my first VB6 Project)



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