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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Digital tutors-mental ray Nodes Online Reference Library


A visual exploration of each mental ray node in Maya.

Software: Maya 2008 and up
Run Time: 9 hrs.

The Following Nodes are Covered in this Reference

Contour Contrast
contour_contrast_function_levels Node
contour_contrast_function_simple Node

Contour Output
contour_only Node
contour_PS Node
contour_composite Node

Contour Shader
contour_shader_simple Node
contour_shader_layerthinner Node
contour_shader_combi Node
contour_shader_curvature Node
contour_shader_widthfromlight Node
contour_shader_depthfade Node
contour_shader_factorcolor Node
contour_shader_maxcolor Node
contour_shader_framefade Node
contour_shader_silhouette Node
contour_shader_widthfromlightdirection Node
contour_shader_widthfromcolor Node

Contour Store
contour_store_function Node
contour_store_function_simple Node

Data Conversion
mib_color_mix Node
mib_color_average Node
mib_color_alpha Node
mib_color_intensity Node
mib_color_interpolate Node

mib_lookup_cube6 Node
mib_lookup_cube1 Node
mib_lookup_spherical Node
mia_env_blur Node
mib_lookup_background Node

mib_geo_cone Node
mib_geo_cube Node
mib_geo_cylinder Node
mib_geo_torus Node
mia_lens_bokeh Node
mib_lens_stencil Node
mia_exposure_simple Node
mib_lens_clamp Node
mia_physical_sky Node
physical_lens_DOF Node
oversampling_lens Node
mia_exposure_photographic Node

mib_blackbody Node
mib_cie_d Node
mib_FG_occlusion Node
mib_light_photometric Node
mib_light_spot Node
mia_physical_sun Node
mib_light_infinite Node
mib_light_point Node
mia_light_portal Node
physical_light Node

mib_DGS_material Node
transmat Node
path_material Node
mib_illum_lambert Node
mib_illum_blinn Node
misss_fast_shader Node
misss_fast_simple_maya Node
mi_car_paint_phen_x Node
mi_car_paint_phen_x_passes Node
mi_metallic_paint_x Node
mi_metallic_paint_x_passes Node
mia_material_x Node
mia_material_x_passes Node
misss_fast_shader_X Node
misss_fast_shader_X_passes Node
mib_illum_ward_deriv Node
mi_car_paint_phen Node
mib_illum_glossy_refract_part2 Node
misss_set_normal Node
mi_metallic_paint Node
misss_skin_specular Node
mia_material Node
mib_illum_phong Node
mib_glossy_reflect Node
mib_illum_cookTorr Node
mib_illum_ward Node
misss_fast_skin_maya Node
mib_illum_glossy_refract_part1 Node
dielectric_material Node
mib_lightMap_sample Node
mib_lightmap_write Node
misss_fast_lmap_maya Node

writeToColorBuffer Node
writeToDepthBuffer Node

Photonic Materials
mib_photon_basic Node
dgs_photon Node
dielectric_material_photon Node
transmat_photon Node

Sample Compositing
mib_dielectric Node
mib_opacity Node
mib_transparency Node
mib_continue Node
mib_twoSided Node
mib_refraction_index Node
mib_reflect Node
mib_refract Node

mib_shadow_transparency Node

mib_passthrough_bump Node
mib_amb_occlusion Node
mib_bump_map_2 Node
mib_texture_lookup2 Node
mib_filtered_texture_lookup Node
mi_bump_flakes Node
mib_texture_rotate Node
mib_texture_checkerboard Node
mib_texture_turbulence Node
mib_texture_polkadot Node
mib_texture_wave Node
mib_texture_lookup Node
mib_texture_vector Node
mib_bump_map Node
mia_roundcorners Node
mib_bump_basis Node

mib_volume Node
participating_volume Node

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