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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Windows XP Registry Guide E-book

Windows XP Registry Guide E-book

Jerry Honeycutt�s, Windows XP Registry Guide, is an invaluable resource for any XP user. Two �registry guides� I read for previous Windows operating systems were a total waste of money. This book, however, is worth buying at any price.The Windows XP Registry Guide takes a systematic approach to learning and using registry tools to get the most out or your XP system. Novice users will learn enough to make the book worthwhile by reading just the first section (five chapters), but once you get that far you will want to read it all. Jerry is careful to warn about careless hacking and thoroughly covers backing up and restoring the registry using tools already included in Windows XP and several third party tools. I was surprised to learn how useful Microsoft�s Word application is in managing changes made to the registry.



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